Summertime in the High Country

Living in Colorado brings with it many special side benefits.  One is the ability to hop in the car and in a short time be above the clouds!  This photo of the Yampa Valley was taken from the top of the gondola at Steamboat.

Snow Caps

Funny, I got an email the other day from a gentleman in the UK.  He wanted to interview me on the state of real estate in ski towns.

I silently smiled and referred him to a friend of mine, Trish Giassa who actually lives and sells real estate in Crested Butte, a REAL ski town.

So many people have the impression that Denver is IN the mountains. It really isn’t.

But then I took this photo while standing on the Millennium Bridge in Riverfront Park.  I’ll be darned, it does look like Denver is in the mountains!

We have a guest

Up on Conifer mountain there is a fox family who come to visit.  They trot up on the deck and watch us as we socialize.  They won’t let us approach them, but they love to hang around.

No complaints here, I couldn’t have asked for a better pose!

Pikes Peak in Blue

In the hills above Denver, in a town called Conifer, one can see very far away on a clear day.  Of course most of our days are clear. This morning I was rewarded with low lying clouds that looked like snow.

Colorado is grand.

Mountain Majesty

Denver is so close to the mountains, that it only take s a few minutes drive before one can view majestic mountain peaks.

Fall color is painting the slopes, soon to be replaced with a dusting of snow. A preview of what is soon to come.


This bucolic scene is actually wedged between Inverness Tech Center and  the  sprawling community of Parker.  Looking at it one would think there wasn’t another soul around for miles.

Douglas County does a good job protecting open space.

Reflections of Pink

When the sunsets behind the Rocky Mountains, light reflects to the east creating very pretty skies.  This shot is of the very popular Denver loft building known as The Glass House.

Living here must provide one of the best views of the Rockies and Denver city skyline offered.

Daniel's Park

Twenty-some miles south of Denver proper, is a Denver Park, Daniel’s Park.  This wonderful place is situated high on a hill where buffalo still roam (albeit not freely) and the sunsets decorate the sky with a different show every night.

The best news is, the show is free.


Lessons from the Sun

Sunsets are not predictable.  Sometimes they are awesome and other times the sun goes down quickly leaving no trace lest dissipating heat.  Then there are the times when you think you missed the good one, only to find you are rewarded for waiting an extra few minutes.

The sun’s message; “never give up.”