Lone Tree Goes to the Dogs

On the last day of the swimming season the pool is open to dogs only. It’s a great day for watching them enjoy themselves. They run, jump, fetch, splash and  play.  No one leaves the premises without a smile on both their face and in their heart.

Lily of the Pad

Purple Lilly in a pond

Hudson Gardens located in Littleton, across the street from Arapahoe Community College has a wonder assortment of flora.  I so enjoy watching this bloom open during the course of the day.  Early in the morning it was closed tight, then by noon at was wide open.  I almost felt I could see it opening!

Happy Hues

Purple Coneflower in a Denver Garden

Fall is around the corner, so I’m cramming in extra time to capture the beautiful last blossoms of summer.  This a a Purple Coneflower found a few blocks from my house.

Sunset at Brainard Lake


All sunsets are not created equal.  When one like this comes along you want to stop and savor it forever.
The Brainard Reacreation area is in Ward, Colorado not to far from Metro Denver.  This area is known for its Moose population, although I’ve yet to see one there!

Balloon Dunk

Balloon dunk in the water


The Colorado Classic Balloon event has balloons dunking in the lake when they fly to the south.  Some got very wet!  After they dunk they rise and continue flying where the wind blows them.  It’s a lovely, colorful event to watch.


Balloon in B&W

Black and white hot air balloon

The Colorado Balloon Classic is being held this weekend in Colorado Springs at Memorial Park.  76 hot air balloons will take off each morning, filling the sky with color, with exception of this very cool Black and White Hot Air Balloon.