Ride to the Clouds

Roller Coaster ride to the clouds

Take a Roller Coaster ride to the clouds if you dare!  This was taken just before the sun went down of a lovely fall day.  The park is closed for the winter now so the thrill of this ride will have to wait.

Dawn of Amusement

A sunburst shines through the roller coaster at Eliches

Sunrise at the amusement park is amusing on several levels.  I for one am grateful to witness a colorful sunrise because they just don’t happen everyday.  Then being at this location makes it even more special, so worth getting up early!

Wild Chipmunk

Wild Chipmunk roller coaster

Rice the Wild Chipmunk at Lakeside!  I’ve heard it is quite a thrill to ride these old wooden roller coasters.  I prefer not to tempt fate and be satisfied with just photographing them.

Rose Garden in Fall

Chicago Peace rose of brilliant pink

I went in search of a good sunrise this morning, but ended up at Littleton’s War Memorial Rose Garden.  Yes, we are nearly at the end of October but some of the roses are still going strong.  They were covered with chilly dew drops and seemed to be frozen in time.  I could have spent hours there…
This variety was called “Chicago Peace”

Curious Critter

Curious Big Horn Sheep looking directly at me.

This curious critter wanted to chat!  She was making her way along the river at Waterton Canyon this afternoon.  Big Horn Sheep live up in the canyon so it’s fairly easy to see them while hiking in the area.

Double Trouble

Arrowhead Golf Course with two golfers hitting out of the sand traps

I love the description used for Arrowhead Golf Course it goes “300 million years in the making!”  Well you can see, it was worth the wait!

It wasn’t until I processed this image that I noticed what the golfers were doing.  They are both hitting out of the sand traps! Love it, as that’s where I am frequently when I play golf.  Of course with a setting like this, who cares?