Pawnee Buttes and the Wind Farm

Pawnee Buttes and the Wind Farm


A few hours northeast of Denver there is a wonderful place called Pawnee Buttes. It’s located out on the middle of the prairie (read nowhere!) with nothing around but wildlife for miles and miles.  The views are amazing.  You can see the weather approaching from miles away.

Sadly now the “hand of man” is beginning to show in a big way.  The cliffs and ridges are all laden with huge wind turbines.  Once I enjoyed the view of a few graceful turbines blowing in the wind. Now when I see how they are increasing I worry about the impact they have on the once pristine prairie.  Will they deliver the benefits to us or will they end up as litter that needs to be removed?  Guess only time will tell.

DIA After the Storm

Denver International Airport terminal against the setting sun


Enjoying the calm moments of sunset after a violent storm on the plains.  I was amazed to experience a strong lightning storm and heavy rains come upon me in a matter of minutes.  I was watching the clouds from afar when all of a sudden I was in the middle of it!  Lucky I was able to jump in the car for safety from the storm.  After a few minutes the storm passes leaving a cool trail of moisture and magnificent colors for sunset.

Goat Lookout

Mt. Goat and telescope on top of Mt. Evans, Colorado


One only has to watch the Mt. Goats roam around the side of the mountain, climbing up seemingly impossible heights to realize they are truly the Kings of the Mountain! This guy gracefully climbed up to scout out the tourist area on top of Mt. Evans.  He took a look then continued about his day.

Bikes on the Summit

Bikes on top of Mt Evans as the sun rises in the morning.


I was an early riser today so I could see the sunrise from the summit of Mt. Evans.  I wasn’t the first one to the top. There were several cars ahead of me, with frosted windows I knew they spent the night there.  What puzzled me were these two bikes.  The owners were  nowhere to be seen.  I wondered if they rode those bikes up and were off backpacking on the mountain?  If so what a couple of tough characters they must be!