Ruins of Mesa Verde


Whenever I look at the ruins of Mesa Verde I can’t help but think of them as the earliest of Condos!  What a remarkable feat for the ancient people to build such beautiful lodgings that have stood the test of time!


A Milky Way Night

MilkyWayNightOur weather this summer has not been cooperating for night photography. So on this night we got lucky, clear, dark skies over Limon produced a wonderful Milky Way.  The red lights are the hundreds of wind turbines illuminating the land.

Trustworthy Polaris

Trustworthy Polaris

Last night I attended a workshop on taking photos in the Night Sky. We traveled to Limon, a small town about 90 miles east of Denver.  We were there to find a dark sky and that we did.  This image consists of 12 images stacked on top of one another to create “star trails.” It turns out striking when done, but in creating the image the 12 images were not all that interesting.  I set up my composition by putting Polaris, the North Star in the center of the image.  I knew by doing this the trails would form as the rotation of the earth created movement.It was a fun evening playing with my camera in the dark!