Balloon Dunk

Balloon dunk in the water


The Colorado Classic Balloon event has balloons dunking in the lake when they fly to the south.  Some got very wet!  After they dunk they rise and continue flying where the wind blows them.  It’s a lovely, colorful event to watch.


Balloon in B&W

Black and white hot air balloon

The Colorado Balloon Classic is being held this weekend in Colorado Springs at Memorial Park.  76 hot air balloons will take off each morning, filling the sky with color, with exception of this very cool Black and White Hot Air Balloon.

Red Spires at Night – Denver Botanic Gardens

#ChihulyinDenver @ChihulyStudio


Denver Botanic Gardens is currently featuring this exhibit by Chihuly.  The wonderful exotic and colorful glass sculptures are found throughout the garden.  I was lucky to attend one night for the Front Range Photography Meetup.  This is one of the images I came home with!  Thank you to #ChihulyinDenver and @ChihulyStudio  This image is not for sale, but I’m really thrilled to be able to show it off!

Bee Sunny Day

a bee landing on a yellow flower


Washington Park in Denver has the most remarkable gardens every year.  By August the flowers are in full bloom.  It’s a fun place to go visit, take a walk, ride a bike, run, sit, play ball, just do something!


Playing in the Road

Playing in the Road


Road shoots like this where the road goes off in the distance are one of my favorites.  I love to stop and try to capture the feeling a road trip brings.

This one was done after a morning in the sunflower fields that are seen on both sides of the road. Faintly visible are the Rocky Mountains in the distance.

Sunny Day

sunflowers at dawn


Sunflowers soak up the sun just after it rises on the horizon.  Once again I was enjoying the fields out by DIA. There are acres and acres of sunflowers each year.  You just need to go drive around to find them!



Welcome to Denver!

Sunflowers near Denver International Airport


In Colorado we welcome people to our state with acres of sunflowers underneath the approach to Denver International Airport!  If you are lucky enough to have a window seat and approach DIA from either the north or the east you might be able to see these wonderful sunflowers.  Take a look and let me know…