Bullwinkle Winked at Me


We took a ride through Rocky Mountain National Park this weekend.  What an amazing place it is!  I was able to capture this Moose while he was relaxing.  Don’t worry, I wasn’t very close to him as I was using a 400mm lens.  These guys are cool but can be killers!

Hungry Herons


Last Saturday I participated in a Birds in Flight photography workshop lead by a professional wildlife photographer.  I got many cool images of these birds but this was my favorite.  These young ones are constantly eating. The parents flew off to gather food and come back to the  nest to put it in the young birds throats.  Of course like kids they are constantly fighting for the parents attention.  Feed me! Feed me!  Feed me!

DIA a Dusk

DIA, dusk, Rocky Mountains

The new hotel out at Denver International Airport is coming right along.  I have a hard time figuring what it is supposed to look like.  At first it looked like a Viking ship and now I see a big mustache.  Some friends suggested it looks like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers stadium!  I wonder if the Buccaneers are moving to Denver? It seems everyone else is!

Tree at Sundown

Tree at Sundown

Spring sunsets are anything but reliable!  This evening looked promising but soon a heavy bank of clouds moved in competing with the sun for attention.  I barely captured a few rays before the darkness took over.

Location: Daniels Park, a Denver Mountain Park

Denver from 15 Miles South

Denver at night from the distance


Last night I was hoping for a great sunset, but the clouds lined up against the Rockies and blocked the color.  So instead I pointed my camera toward downtown Denver and waited as the lights came on.  In the foreground is Highlands Ranch, Denver some 15 miles from where I stood is at the top of the image, all lit up.

A Silver Gyrfalcon



This is a very rare silver gyrfalcon, one of the largest of the falcon family.  They breed along the arctic coasts.  This one makes his home with HawkQuest.  It’s a working bird, who’s job is to model for us and show off how pretty he is.  Notice the heart shaped decorations on his chest!