Tree at Sundown

Tree at Sundown

Spring sunsets are anything but reliable!  This evening looked promising but soon a heavy bank of clouds moved in competing with the sun for attention.  I barely captured a few rays before the darkness took over.

Location: Daniels Park, a Denver Mountain Park

Colorado Sunset

Both the sunrises and sunsets have been outstanding this week.  Tonight I captured this one from my deck. It only lasts for a few minutes, but during that time it is absolutely fantastic.

I like to think of it as my reward for doing a full day of work.

Thank you.

Sunburst Arch

Sundown is a great time to go exploring the city for different angles and images.  I so enjoy the Boat House at City Park for it’s interesting architecture and great views of the lake and beyond.

Distant Peak the Encore

At this elevation (11,250 feet) sundown means the end of a day. Much like the final curtain call to a loved show, only in reverse, instead of the curtain falling,  the light rises until it disappears.

Good night ladies and gentleman, lights out!