Snow Day


When you are a kid in Colorado there’s nothing more exciting than an evening snowfall that’s deep enough to cancel school for the day.  Today’s kids probably have it easier that the kids that walked to this little red school house.  I wonder how those pioneer kids knew when school was called off?  No text, no radio, no tv, no Facebook, no phones….

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Trio Flurries


This is another image from my trip to Steamboat Springs.  I believe this is a view of the golf course, or maybe a pasture in the summertime.  This day it was so attractive  to capture the simplicity of the three trees in the gentle snow.

Frosty Fence


On a recent trip to Steamboat Springs, I had the pleasure of discovering how wonderful the town is in the winter time.  The Yampa river creates moisture in the air and every morning the trees and terrain are covered in a crystalized surface that glistens in the sun.  It is truly a winter wonderland.

Summertime in the High Country

Living in Colorado brings with it many special side benefits.  One is the ability to hop in the car and in a short time be above the clouds!  This photo of the Yampa Valley was taken from the top of the gondola at Steamboat.