There’s One In Every Species!

Mountain Goat Mom and Kid, Mt. Evans, Colorado

Yes, every family has one, the “clown” of the family. They photo bomb, make silly faces or just stick their tongues out!  This Mountain Goat family is no exception!

Taken on top of Mt. Evans, the highest paved road in North America.  We in Denver are lucky to have such an awesome place where the wild animals pose for us even if it is reluctantly!

Attention Herd!



There is a story here as to why the goats are all looking at me.

On top of Mt Evans, a young woman was hiking with her dog. The dog was on a lease and well behaved. They walked over to see the view and the goats as they grazed.  As soon as the goats saw the dog, they formed a line, standing at attention.  I think they were preparing to defend the herd.  It was an interesting few moments. The dog probably looked like a wolf to them and they were ready.  The poor harmless and clueless dog had no idea the effect his presence had on the herd.

I was lucky to get a good picture of it!