Storm’s a Brewing



The Eastern Plains of Colorado just a few miles east of Denver offer amazing views of a different kind. You can see the weather for miles in any direction, including wild lightning storms and clouds moving fast.  This week I was lucky not to get wet while I witnessed this weather moving in.

Thomas Comes to Town

For the uninformed (or those who have no children) Thomas is a very famous train.  So famous is he, that he tours the country taking little ones and their guardians on rides.  We purchased our tickets in advanced for this nearly sold out event.

The Colorado Railroad Museum has something to offer both young and old.  The lot is filled with trains, cars and all sorts of fun stuff.  Many are available to climb onto and crawl all over.

A day at the Railroad Museum is a real treat.  It was a great way to spend some time with my Grandson.

Golden as in Colorado

A short drive from Downtown Denver is  the once upon a time territorial Capitol of of Colorado, Golden.  If  ever an area was rich in history and beauty, it’s Golden, Colorado!  City pride is evident all around by the delightful statues seen everywhere.

I went on a Photowalk in Golden and got tired long before I finished.  Golden is a two, maybe three day Photowalk for me!