Colorado scenery offers more than just mountains.  The eastern plains are rich in farm land. The scene was taken just before sunset. The colors were so vibrant and I could see forever!
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Storm’s a Brewing



The Eastern Plains of Colorado just a few miles east of Denver offer amazing views of a different kind. You can see the weather for miles in any direction, including wild lightning storms and clouds moving fast.  This week I was lucky not to get wet while I witnessed this weather moving in.

Amber Waves of Grain

Just a few miles east of Denver International Airport are acres and acres of farm land.  While on a hunt for sunflowers I found this field of wheat to be just as beautiful.  It feeds a lot of people and is very easy on the eyes.

Ride to the Sky

Mt. Evans Ride to the Sky

This road to the top of Mt. Evans only opens after Memorial Day.  Up at this height the road is not maintained during most of the year.  It’s an awesome drive, not for the faint of heart!

Denver Tech Center View

Seldom do I post photos from the properties I offer for sale, but this one is an exception.  I shot this today after looking at dull gray skies for several days.  What a delight to find my favorite white puffy clouds against the bright blue skies had returned right at the exact moment I needed to take this shot!

I’ll consider my stoke of luck a good omen…anyone want to buy a DTC Condo? :)