Knock Your Socks Off Views

I often have people tell me they want a house with a “view.” There are many kinds of views.  There are mountain views, tree views, urban views, sweeping views, sky views, long views, short views, golf course views.  Heck there are even views of Kansas!

Typically in Colorado when I’m asked for a home with a view, I know exactly what they are wanting.

I call it a “knock your socks off view.”  How do you describe a view?


  1. says

    Wow. This one has to be captioned.

    “As God Intended”

    Once again you’ve nailed a perfectly framed shot.

    (FYI, thanks for the referral Friday, you rock).

  2. says

    In Albuquerque when someone asks for a view they want one of the Sandia Mountains at a minimum. If they can get 360 degrees and have the Sandia’s, City lights, and the vistas to the west then we have a winning “Spectacular views!”

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