Chromatic and Red


My favorite barn up on Daniel’s Park Road offers an ever changing view in the evening.  No two sunsets are ever the same so I am forever rewarded with a new scene everyday when I visit this place.  No bison tonight, but the clouds made the picture.

Daniel’s Foreboding Sunset


Every afternoon if I happen to be finished with my real estate business work, I look outside to read the clouds.  If there are clouds in the sky that look like the sunset will be awesome, I grab my camera and go to one of my favorite locations.  This was taken up on Daniel’s Park Road.  The barn is part of a Denver Regional Park where a herd of American Bison live.  It’s high on a hill so the mountains you see are actually foothills off in the distance.  Living here would be the ultimate, imagine the sunsets and sunrises you could see!

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Sunset Road


Whey the sky is filled with color from a sunset, time goes quickly by.  I wish I could preserve these colors and make them last longer so I could savor them until ready to say goodbye.  I’ll never tire of Colorado Sunsets, or glorious sunsets anywhere in the world.  A reward for a day well done.

Another Point of View



Yesterday I posted the picture of the Red Barn at the Greenland Exit.  This scene is directly across the street.  I was lucky enough to be there with this almost full moon rising.  The sky was a lovely blue and pink that evening, what a wonderful way to end the day!  <<<Sigh>>>

Red Barn Southbound Train


If you drive from Denver to Colorado Springs, you will see this charming red barn at the Greenland exit.  There’s not much there, but then not much can be pretty awesome.  I enjoy shooting this location in different kinds of light and different times of day.  I’m sure the rancher that lives there is used to photographers hanging over his fence.  I’m glad he doesn’t seem to mind.  I certainly appreciate the view.

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